Upcomers Design Market, a must-see in Vejle!

UPCOMERS is a design market for start-up creative makers held twice a year in the heart of Vejle. We have been around the city and this year you’ll find us at Spinderihallerne again! Ever since our first market in 2014, the list of participants has grown from 30 to 90 talented and up-and coming designers and makers with more than 4000 visitors dropping by to get their hands on unique yet reasonably-priced products.


The selection of exhibitors is carefully chosen by a panel of experienced and passionate Makers to make sure that the market showcases fresh and trend-setting creations. Our exhibitors come from all walks-of-life, some are seasoned designers and artists and others are self-taught makers and crafters. What unites us all is the passion for our craft and an unstoppable urge to create! We are community of collaborators and invite everyone to share their knowledge with each other. None of that me-against-you but all of the lets-meet-greet Makers attitude! We strive to create an informal, fun and creativity-oozing atmosphere where we mutually admire and learn from each other’s techniques, tools and talent.


Every UPCOMERS market is themed to give our visitors and exhibitors a one-of-a-kind experience. We put a lot of time and effort in making the concept come to life because we want to inspire our exhibitors and visitors to fill their lives with creativity. For the 1st market of 2016, the concept for UPCOMERS is #papercrush. Why? Because we think its time to fall in love again with paper – in all its colors, forms and reinterpretations!


UPCOMERS is organized by a group of volunteers who are passionate about wanting to create a venue for start-up creators and curious shoppers to come together. We hope to see you on April 16-17 at the Spinderihallerne!

Mvh Upcomers team